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Top Rope Belay Certification Class

Prerequisite: Must be 15yrs. or older; No experience necessary

Includes:One Free Week Admission, plus Gear

Cost: $40.00

This class is designed for those who have had no prior climbing and/or belaying experience. Students will learn the basic skills to get them started climbing indoors on top-rope including gym etiquette, harness use, knot tying, commands, belaying and lowering. After completion of this class, students will be prepared for NJRG’s Top-Rope Certification Test.

Class Includes: Gear Rental, lesson, and pass to climb for the balance of the day.

Class Schedule: Mondays and Fridays (6:00pm-6:00pm), Saturdays (1:00pm-3:00pm)

Class Time: 1 ½ – 2 hours, depending on number of students.

To reserve: Pre-payment is necessary to reserve your spot. We require 48 hour notice to cancel or to reschedule. Failure to do so will lead to a loss of program fee.

Student/Instructor ratio: 4 to 1.

Adult Technique Course 101 & 102

Prerequisite: Must be Top Rope Certified

Adult Technique 101
This session focuses on techniques that allow you to move up the wall with the least amount of energy. You will be able to climb longer and harder and avoid forearm pump by using these skills.

Introduced during session 1 are: warming up, how to grip a hold, foot work, stemming, back stepping, mantle, flagging.

During the class the instructor will help each student perfect their technique and to avoid techniques that are not productive. This will avoid developing bad habits that are hard to correct. The instructor will share ways to train and avoid injuries.

Adult Technique 102
This session begins with a review of the first session followed by some easy climbs. During the climbs the instructor will observe the climbers to see which techniques need additional practive before introducing new techniques.

Techniques introduced during session 2 are: warming up, smearing, flagging, layback, hand smear, drop-knee, dyno, heal hook, how to attack overhangs.

During the rest of class time climbers will work on the weak link theory of training. This means identifying a technique that they do not do well and working on it.

Details: The classes are both 2 hours long from 7:00pm to 9:00pm and limited to six adults. You must be top rope certified and advanced registration is required.

$40.00 per class for members, $45.00 per class for non-members
1 week cancellation policy, 2 person minimum to run class.
Call for reservations and dates of classes.

Women’s Rock Climbing 4 Week Course (Currently Not Available)

Prerequisite: Must be 15 yrs. or older, no experience necessary

Cost: $80.00 / 4 week session

This class will provide you with details on climbing movement and introduce you to activities and practices that build a solid foundation of climbing fitness and technical skills. Techniques introduced are how to grip holds, read routes, foot work, steming,back stepping, and more.

Class includes: Gear rental (harness and shoes)

Class times: 75 minutes

2 person minimum to run class. Call for reservations and dates of class.

Lead Climbing and Belaying 2 day course

Prerequisite: Top rope certified, 1 year climbing experience, climbing 5.9+ in the gym.

Lead Belay Technique:Participants will learn, feeding out rope to climber, rope management, and how to give a dynamic belay.

Lead Climbing Technique:Participants will learn, movement around the rope, risk management, and proper clipping.

Class Schedule:
April dates available. Call for details.

$68.00 for members
$78.00 for non-members